Giorgio Angelini
Business Development Manager

Does Giorgio Angelini have the best job in the world? He believes so!

Giorgio joined Inokor in 2022 to grow and develop our activities in new and existing markets. It’s the perfect job for him because business development is his passion. A mechanical engineer, Giorgio had previously worked in a sales position for an industrial machinery manufacturer. He enjoyed dealing with the company’s large customer base but found he had little time to develop the business. “This was the part of the role that excited me the most. That’s why I am very happy at Inokor to be focused on business development,” he says.

It's not just the work he loves, he enjoys the trust and support he has received and is making positive connections with colleagues across the world. That is partly what drives him: “My guiding principle in life is to have a positive impact on people and the planet. It is how I want to live. It involves personal values of being honest and respectful,” he adds.

In his career, Giorgio’s ambition is to make a difference and be able to see the impact of his activities on the company’s success. He also hopes to mentor and inspire colleagues in the future.

I am looking strategically across many markets to identify where our solutions can boost business benefits for potential customers.

Giorgio Angelini, Business Development Manager

Opportunities and breakthrough innovations

Giorgio has been exploring customer needs as well as developments in materials and technologies. He believes there are many opportunities. “Smart companies are focusing on energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. The energy crisis has created an even stronger drive in this area across all sectors,” he says. “As a provider of insulating materials in many forms, this is a huge opportunity for us. Similarly, lightweight materials for car parts and transport boxes are in demand from organisations looking to reduce CO2 emissions. Across many industries, there is a push for innovative materials with increased performance. We can play a role here too through our significant investment in R&D.”

With his eye roving over all new developments, which breakthrough innovation would he most like to see? “A biobased compostable material which offers the same properties as materials currently in use,” he replies. “Many compostable materials are being launched but, so far, they cannot replicate the functionality and performance of what is used now.”

He is also keen to see more circularity – for example reuse of insulated packaging for food and pharmaceuticals and recycling of the materials. “EPS is readily recyclable. Activities towards closing the loop and creating circular systems are taking place across Europe and provide great examples to replicate more widely.”

The best of both worlds

While Giorgio builds the success of Inokor, he retains a close connection to Kingspan. “As a big company and an established name in building and construction industries, Kingspan supports me when I speak to potential new customers and companies. The size and reputation of the organisation inspire trust, which facilitates my role,” he explains. “I have the best of both worlds in being able to build something new from an established platform.”

Is there a particular market that he is most keen to develop? “I am looking strategically across many markets to identify where our solutions can boost business benefits for potential customers. One area where I see room for improvement is using our knowledge and capabilities to offer smarter insulation solutions to protect vital medicines from damage in transit. This will enable medicines and vaccines to travel further and reach more people across the world.”

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