Finding the technology that’s right for you

As a business that offers many different technologies, it’s often hard to sum up what it is we do. We don’t believe there’s one answer to every question, that’s why we don’t just create solutions from one material. As one of the few providers of multi-technology solutions in rigid foams, we don’t just sell EPS or EPP solutions, we offer a wide range of options from VIPS to cold chain technology.

We work in a wide range of areas

Our customer-focused approach ensures you’re at the heart of every step in the development process, from initial concept right through to the finished product. The scope of our solutions ranges from building components, automotive damping insulation, horticultural solutions, cold chain packaging or military applications to aircraft components and industrial freezers.

Cold Chain Packaging

Are your products temperature sensitive? Our cold chain packaging solutions keep goods at a consistent temperature to ensure the consistency and integrity of your product.

We work with you to design the ideal solution to support ever more complex assembly processes and ever more demanding applications. Reusable and recyclable materials can advance your progress towards a sustainable value chain.

Conditioned Packaging

Passive conditioned containers are energy-efficient and have been developed to maintain stable temperatures in line with your needs. We provide solutions for containers of various sizes and offer passive packaging to keep food and fish fresh during transportation and delivery.

The performance of all your cold chain solutions relies on great insulation technologies which help save energy and extend safe delivery periods. That’s why we also partner with leading suppliers of active conditioned containers where very precise and reliable temperatures are required.

Custom Packaging solutions

Where safety is your priority, custom-fit packaging protects fragile or breakable products from external hazards or shocks. Our transport protection solutions are designed to provide optimal fit for products of every size and shape and will incorporate your wider requirements in respect of weight, sustainability and more.

Conditioned and protective parts for HVAC

Take a fresh look at the design of your HVAC systems. Can you achieve a step change in the performance, efficiency and comfort of your systems, working in partnership with our experts and technologies?

Damping and insulating parts for OEM

Take your products to the next level with bespoke damping and insulating solutions to improve customer satisfaction, product reliability and longevity, carbon emissions and more.

The right choice of technologies and materials for damping and insulation systems makes a big difference to the performance of your products. That’s why you need to talk to us. We provide bespoke solutions designed around your specific issues which can help you reduce costs and overcome technical challenges.

Finding the technology that’s right for you

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We create solutions using various materials and invest in new technologies to support complex assembly processes, allowing us to advise customers on the best options for their needs.


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