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Protect the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical products with bespoke, high-performance packaging solutions designed around your needs.


The pharmaceutical industry has a strong international character. Medicines as well as vaccines and medical consumables are transported all over the world. Temperature fluctuations can affect the stability of medicines and vaccines and thus impair their effectiveness. It is important that the temperature of pharmaceuticals, samples and medical devices remain stable during transport and that fragile products reach their destination intact.  

The right packaging is crucial to transport goods with the utmost care. Customised, thermally conditioned packaging enables you to safely transport fragile goods, often incorporating real-time visibility and tracking and meets relevant ISTA standards. 

With products travelling further and requiring transparent and accurate temperature control, the business chain of the future revolves around flexibility, responsiveness and reliability, focusing on a personalised approach. 

Customised solutions from Inokor offer exactly that. Central to our business are people who care about your needs. We’ve been working in supply chain insulation for a long time, we understand the technology and we take pride in helping you find the right solution. This sets us apart.

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