Bespoke design for in and outdoor

Open new opportunities for bold, brilliant furniture that combines eye-catching style with comfort and durability in every environment – inside and out.

Link up with Inokor to increase innovation and functionality for your furniture ranges. Working in partnership with your designers, we bring a unique combination of great materials, engineering expertise and passion. Streamlined production to ensure efficiency, quality and accuracy is integral to the process – as is reliability and supply chain security from a company with international reach.

Materials such as EPP, EPS and other foams provide your teams with complete design freedom over shape, colour and modularity. These materials are lightweight and versatile offering long lifespans in homes and public spaces such as hospitals and offices, hotels and restaurants. Choose the optimal density for comfort and the foam properties ensure seating reverts to the original shape time and time again. These pieces are designed to last.

Offer your customers a new flatpack reality, free from screws and special tools. Ease of assembly is part of the package when they can simply slot or click pieces into position or secure them with a clip. A single part may fit many models. It means your customers enjoy endless possible configurations, while you enjoy easier logistics and inventory management.

We are very aware that the industry needs to move from a linear economy to a circular one. EPP is 100% recyclable and our single material solutions make recycling easier. Decrease your footprint further by including recycled content from the start. The lightweight nature of these materials reduces the carbon cost of transport too.

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Do you want to replace current materials, integrate deliveries in your operational process, outsource assembly, or develop your product? Discover how our bespoke manufacturing services can help you optimise your products and stay competitive in your markets. 

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