Grow and protect your plants

Long-lasting, reusable equipment and packaging protects your plants and enables you to work more efficiently, reducing waste and emissions. 


As an industry which is heavily impacted by climate change, horticulture is both adapting to changing weather patterns and seeking to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions. Innovation is a big part of that adaptation and is leading to new approaches - including vertical farms and aquaponics. 

Work with Inokor for custom-designed solutions to help you achieve your ambitions. For example, we developed EPP trays and growth solutions that are reusable and provide insulation to maintain optimal temperatures for seeds and plants.  

Do you need to protect plants or produce during transit? Our packaging products are designed to ensure deliveries arrive safely and in great condition, whether you are distributing vegetables, flowers, herbs or ornamental plants. 

Operating in partnership with you, we bring materials and engineering expertise into your team to identify bespoke product design solutions which contribute to your business goals. Small enough to care and big enough to trust, as one of the few providers of multi-tech solutions we have a real opportunity to positively change your businesses for the better. We’re constantly investing in research and development, while being an advocate for sustainable solutions in the industry.  

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Do you want to replace current materials, integrate deliveries in your operational process, outsource assembly, or develop your product? Discover how our bespoke manufacturing services can help you optimise your products and stay competitive in your markets. 

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