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Maintain the fresh flavour of your food and seafood products with bespoke packaging solutions that preserve the quality of your products and reinforce your brand. 


The demands on the food industry are ever increasing. Year-round supply means produce is travelling further while consumers still expect farm-picked flavour. More and more items are being delivered direct to the front door – fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, and, of course, ready-to-eat hot meals.   

Packaging innovation is increasingly important to protect the flavour and quality of your products throughout delivery. Great insulation technologies help save energy and extend safe delivery periods by maintaining products at the optimum temperature to keep the freshness sealed in.  

Food can go off quickly if not stored properly. Our transport boxes, made of EPS or EPP help to overcome this, allowing businesses to transport produce over great distances while keeping it fresh and minimising food wastage – a key focus for sustainability across the industry.  

We are very aware that the industry needs to move towards product solutions that are less dependent on virgin plastics. That’s why we’re investing in research and development to change the way the world moves food. We’re also leading the way with our Kingspan Planet Passionate vision which includes commitments to energy, carbon, circularity and water targets. 

Are you making the most of opportunities within home delivery? Consumers expect the same high quality when they shop online as when they buy direct. Does your packaging reinforce the quality of your products, taking your brand into your kitchen? Work with us to identify the optimal materials and design for your packaging. Make sure hot products don’t just retain heat, but texture too. Smart ventilation in combination with insulating materials helps avoid the condensation that causes chips and pizza to become limp.

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Oceanpath’s Managing Director Ken Ecock explains

The coolest seafood solution keeps Oceanpath on board

“For fish to be at its optimum when it reaches the customer, it needs to be kept as cold as possible. Inokor’s EPS boxes keep our fish well insulated with little ice meltage and the temperature of the fish stays low.”

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Do you want to replace current materials, integrate deliveries in your operational process, outsource assembly, or develop your product? Discover how our bespoke manufacturing services can help you optimise your products and stay competitive in your markets. 

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