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Turn to a trusted partner for better solutions in the safe and secure components for sensitive electronic items.


Don’t leave anything to chance in the last leg of the journey of your hi-tech electronics products from factory to customer – whether they are heading for a retail outlet, consumer or industrial operation. Our custom-shaped packaging solutions are designed to protect fragile components from outside elements which would damage products in transit. They ensure that, with normal handling, every item - large or small - arrives in the same condition as it left your factory. 

Every element is held firmly in place with our product packaging which is moulded for optimal fit. We recognise too that the transport of sensitive electronic components can be a science in itself, with impact being just one of the risks. 

Do humidity, temperature, vibration or static adversely affect your products? From temperature control and safe delivery to enhanced supply chains, we shape bespoke solutions around your needs using the technology that is right for you. For example, our cold chain packaging solutions keep goods at a consistent temperature. Reusable and recyclable materials can also advance your progress towards a sustainable value chain.  

We have a proven record of success in responding to complex packaging challenges. Could our innovations and technologies offer a better solution than your existing packaging solutions? Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to do things better. 

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Partner with us to explore new opportunities to integrate our solutions in your electronics. Contact us to discover how Inokor can work with you to take your ideas and business goals to the next level. 

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Do you want to replace current materials, integrate deliveries in your operational process, outsource assembly, or develop your product? Discover how our bespoke manufacturing services can help you optimise your products and stay competitive in your markets. 

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