Vacuum Insulation Panels

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) are the high-performance solution for environments and products which need to be maintained at a constant temperature. VIPs provide high-performance insulation while taking up minimal space.

When transporting heat or cold sensitive food and medical products over long distances, it’s vital that the correct temperature is maintained. VIPs offer a solution which helps you achieve that goal. We can customise the panels – choosing the materials, size and thickness to deliver the exact performance you need. 

With energy efficiency becoming more important, applications for VIPs are expanding into new areas. Because the panels take up minimal space, they can be used for confined areas where traditional insulation is not possible. Foldable panels are also available.

What are VIPs?

VIPs work on the principle of using vacuum insulation to reduce thermal energy transfer. They consist of a barrier film material which surrounds, in our case, a fiberglass material core. The interior of the VIP is pumped clear of air and sealed to secure the internal vacuum. By removing the air, the amount of heat transfer is greatly reduced. Tell us which parameters are important to you and we can design the system that is optimised for your specific application.

Where are VIPs used?

The applications of VIPs are almost limitless where very precise and reliable temperature consistency is required over extended periods, or where space is limited. Industries using VIPs include automotive and recreational vehicles, marine and electronics as well as medical and consumer goods logistics. VIPs also have applications in the military, cryogenics and aerospace.  

Long-lasting performance makes VIPs a clear choice for cold chain packaging systems including thermal containers, industrial freezers and passive and active coolers, particularly where long delivery periods are involved. As an insulation solution, they offer some of the best thermal values, but require careful handling to avoid damage to the vacuum. If handled with care the inner core of VIPs are reusable and we design with easy compartment replacement in mind.

What is the environmental impact of VIPs? 

By ensuring products arrive in perfect condition, VIPs help to avoid wastage of food and medicines. VIP solutions make a contribution to energy savings and increase comfort for people living and working in insulated spaces. We place strong emphasis on environmental impact of product development to deliver sustainable solutions. To this end, the fiberglass core of our VIPs can be recycled - talk to us about possibilities for their reuse and recycling. 

Finding the technology that’s right for you

Is VIPs technology relevant? Talk to us to discover if our bespoke solutions can achieve the performance you need.