Damping and insulating parts for OEM

Take your products to the next level with bespoke damping and insulating solutions to improve customer satisfaction, product reliability and longevity, carbon emissions and more. 

The right choice of technologies and materials for damping and insulation systems makes a big difference to the performance of your products. That’s why you need to talk to us. We provide bespoke solutions designed around your specific issues which can help you reduce costs and overcome technical challenges.  

For example, an approach which combines materials and production methods can lead to solutions which increase the tolerances of products. Furthermore, with energy efficiency and cost effectiveness a major focus across every sector, the role of advanced insulation and innovative materials is increasingly important. This is another area where higher performance can be achieved by modifying and engineering technologies and materials. 

Our work starts with a question: what do your customers expect? You may be looking to improve reliability, efficiency, sustainability or other metrics. By understanding your product and process, we can identify where our damping and insulation systems can improve your products, fine-tuning solutions to meet – and exceed – your requirements. 

An advantage of bringing our technologies into the mix is the additional benefits they can offer, such as lightweight parts – a key consideration in the automotive industry for reducing carbon emissions. Other properties of our materials include damp-proofing, sound insulation and thermal resistance.

Become our OEM partner

Working with Inokor, you can accelerate product development and optimisation. For example, by bringing together high-performance materials and production methods, solutions can be developed which increase product tolerances.

Finding the technology that’s right for you

We have a proven record of success in responding to complex challenges across very different applications and environments. Challenge us to see if we can develop the ideal solution for you.