Sarah Crotty
IMS Coordinator

Whatever happens at our site in Ireland, you can be pretty sure that Sarah Crotty will be involved in one way or another.


Sarah is our Integrated Management System (IMS) Coordinator making sure we meet international standards in everything we do. Her work covers the ISO standards for managing health, safety, quality, environment and energy efficiency. She is also involved with the BRC global standard for packaging materials which ensures appropriate hygiene standards are met, particularly for products with applications that involve contact with food.

Sarah joined Inokor in 2019, arriving from a large medical device company where she managed quality, health and safety activities. While still part of a large international company, she enjoys the scale of our Irish operation where everyone knows each other and there is a culture of helping each other out.

Every day is different

What Sarah loves most about her role is that every day is different: “There are so many variations, so much happening in different areas, so much to get involved with. I see all aspects of the business and know everyone. We have a small team here so if someone needs help, I’ll lend a hand,” she says. “The variety is definitely good.”

External audits, which take place annually for the BRC and every three years for ISO certifications, create goals ahead. Alongside her intention to keep passing the audits, she is guided by a day-to-day ambition: “I want to do my best and help the business as best I can, looking at where improvements can be made and making suggestions and helping others,” she explains.

Sarah also has a focus on customer needs, responding to requests for data or documentation to qualify for funding or ensure their own regulatory, quality or environmental objectives are met. “We generally have what customers need, but if we don’t, we will create it. We try to accommodate our customers as much as we can and, with our expert team, we work together to find the best solution,” she adds.

I want to do my best and help the business as best I can, looking at where improvements can be made and making suggestions and helping others.

Sarah Crotty, IMS Coordinator

Most new developments on site involve Sarah in one way or another. She oversees paperwork and safe working practices, ensuring contractors have the necessary training. She has been involved with the introduction of ISO 50001 to improve energy efficiency across the site, connected to our Planet Passionate commitments. Her next challenge is to embrace a new standard - the compliance management system ISO 37301.

All-Ireland medallist

Sarah enjoys a challenge outside her work too. A former county player in the traditional Gaelic team sport Camogie, she now plays with her local club who compete in league matches followed by playing in the championship. Several years ago when she played for County Limerick, the team made it through to the All-Ireland Final, leading to Sarah receiving a coveted All-Ireland medal. Camogie is a fast and furious stick-and-ball team sport. It’s a bit like hockey but the goal is H-shaped and players – who all wear helmets – are also allowed to catch and hand pass the ball.

With the launch of Inokor, Sarah has been responsible for our team branded clothing and signage – just another of our new activities that she has been involved with!

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